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Friday, September 9, 2011

Freedom from Terror ?

Terror strikes again, this time just outside the Delhi High court. We say it is a mindless act, but the terrorist who carry out such dastardly acts think otherwise. Time and again innocent people get caught in the web of terror and lose their lives, families are destroyed and the national psyche takes a hit. Politicians of all hues while pretending to be united in their cause for the fight against terror do not fail to utilise the occasion to further their political agenda.

It seems the law of diminishing returns doesn't apply to terrorist acts. The only law such people know is the one which gives unlimited freedom to carry out such attacks. We have done away with TADA, POTA which were seen to be misused and most of the time wrongly implemented. The baby was thus thrown out along with the bath water. The political class have often misused such laws for their own gains, leading to good laws being discarded. The so called secular parties are loath to take action against certain communities based on vote bank politics.

The cliche "Terrorism has no religion" has been used to protect certain communities which harbour terror elements and give them back room support. These sleeper cells are well known to the law enforcement agencies but for lack of political will no action is taken to bust them. It is a sad state of affairs when in a vibrant democracy as ours terrorist are allowed to act at will. The judicial system is also a major culprit in boosting the morale of terrorist as the law is interpreted liberally and they are let of the hook on flimsy grounds.

It is high time the government wakes up and acts decisively against all terror activities and ensure justice is meted out expeditiously. Vote bank politics will back fire and the time is not far off when  people will come on to the streets and this time around it may not be non violent like the Anna Hazare movement against corruption.Our lives are at stake and it is our right to live a peaceful and fruitful life devoid of fear, especially against unknown terrorist acts.

New tough anti terror laws have to enacted with the support of all political parties and the police should be given a free hand to get at the culprits. Judiciary should also appreciate that the trial should not drag on and on , justice should be immediate, due course of law should be followed but undue delay can not be condoned.

On this joyous occasion of Onam i wish all my friends and their family years of happiness, of plenty, of success and most of all life devoid of fear, life full of joy and merriment.

Jai Hind.

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