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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Gods of war

Norway has shown us that there is a new face of  terror inspired by religion, this time Christian. Religion is the root cause of all violence, death caused due to this is far greater that any other issue. How can one forget the terror unleashed against the Jews by the mad man Hitler. The proxy war against India by Pakistan is based on the assumption that Kashmir should belong to them as it is a Muslim majority state.They, conveniently forget how their eastern counterpart decided to split even though they belonged to the same religion.

It is high time we reflected on the issue of religion and if it is in the interest of Humanity, that religion be done away with, for the cause of peace and harmony, so be it. We should disband all religious groups. sects and faiths. Temples, mosques, churches, Synagogues, etc., should be closed down and we should just live within the present framework of legalities as laid down under the constitution.

How could we fight in the name of religion, even as  each religious sect declares from the rooftop that their religion  stands for peace and brotherhood, it quietly goes about proselytising. The main cause of discord is religion, its preaching teaches us that our religion is the true one and the others are either non believers of followers of false gods. 

If god does exist and religion is really needed then the gods should confer among themselves and arrive at an understanding on the issue of modern religion and its divisive effect on society. An avatar should come down to earth carrying full authority on behalf of all the gods and spread this message.I hope this is not asking for too much in the cause of peace and everlasting bliss.

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