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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ancient temple treasure,


It all started with one disgruntled person trying to get even with the organisation he feels has slighted him.

I am talking here about the Padmanabha swamy temple treasure trove. The matter started with the Kerala HC ordering the temple to be managed by some govt controlled trust, thanks to the SC it was not allowed to happen. Now even the SC in its wisdom has restrained the evaluators to stop the job and to start listing, tabulating and evaluating the treasure found till date. People from all walks of life have differing views on what should be done with the treasure.

In my view the treasure does not belong to any one other than Bhagavan Padmanabha swamy.

If at all any of the wealth has to be spent it should be in the interest of the temple and Hindu citizens only.

The government or politicians of any hue should be barred from coming anywhere near the treasure, enough wealth, land, money of innumerable Hindu temples have been looted by non Hindu, anti Hindu politicians,governments in our country. 

Let us gather around and rally for the right's of temple property, all Hindus should come together for the common good of the community.

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