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Monday, July 11, 2011

How corrupt are we

We all get outraged at the corruption prevailing in our country. There is a lot of talk as to how this menace ought to be controlled - the emphasis here is control and not eradicate - by right thinking citizens. Whole shows on TV is dedicated in this direction not to mention reams of newsprint.

Is only taking or giving bribes for getting things done or undone the only form of corruption prevailing in our country? i would say no. There is a lot of other ways and means of corruption that we have to consider, in order to understand the implication of what a nation led by corrupt leadership can end up in.

The corruption of moral values, of the mind,  is also as dangerous as other forms of this disease. It is just a step away from being morally corrupt to accepting cash/favours/gifts for doing the job one is already paid to do. The billions stashed away as black money in accounts abroad is the highest form of corruption and the amount involved would be multi times the value of treasure unearthed in the Padmanabha swamy temple.

There is a lot of pain involved in tackling the issue of corruption as the disease will not abate without giving a tough fight. The pleasure that follows pain would be worth the fight against this malaise.

This time around we as proud citizens of India are determined to get what is our right, governance sans corruption, so that the future generation will thank us for giving them a strong platform from which to leap forward to conquer the world with head held up high.


  1. Corruption is negating all the positive aspects of the infrastructure

  2. Each one must think to himself, that decades later when your grandchildren ask you, what you did in the war against corruption, will you be able to acquit yourself honorably?